Our-Story-Pizza-Pan-KingIt all started with two brothers from the North side of Chicago, who started making homemade pizza at a young age.  Over the years they tried a variety of recipes, flours and pans striving to make a great thin crust pizza but always had trouble getting a crisp crust.  The big breakthrough came when their mother gave them several pizza pans she bought at an estate sale.  They found these pans cooked a pizza just the way they liked making a crisp thin crust pizza.   They experimented with different flours and seasonings developing a proven process to produce a perfect homemade pizza time after time.  For over 40 years they have used these pans to create some of the best homemade pizza’s ever – often sharing them with family and friends.  They founded Pizza Pan King to share their experience and knowledge by helping others make great pizza at home but knew their first challenge would be to duplicate the special pans. One pan was taken in for analysis to find out exactly what it was made of.  A prototype was fashioned out of the same metal that proved to work great, just like the originals.  A unique pan design was finalized with our USA pan manufacturer and our first run was made.  We tested a variety of flours and selected one that is typically used by pizza restaurants which tastes best and makes a crisp crust.  Our new pizza pans are packaged along with this flour, spice packs to make the sauce, a brush and detailed instructions.  With our pan, flour and recipe people can make great homemade thin crust pizza at home with fresh ingredients that will rival some of the best pizza establishments.


Our mission is to provide products that help people make great pizza at home, offering the perfect pizza pan with ingredients to make a crisp crust and great sauce as the foundation to add whatever toppings that are desired.  To continue pushing the envelope in creating, making and distributing tools, ingredients and knowledge to make awesome homemade pizza.


It is with great pleasure we bring you our Signature Thin Crust Pizza Kit.  Enjoy!


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